american farrier's association

Thank You to Our 2018 Convention Sponsors

2018 National Forging and Horseshoeing Competition Sponsors

Capewell North American Challenge Cup
Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center

Delta Mustad Specialty Forging
Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center

Journeyman Class
Stonewell Bodies & Machine, Inc.

Kerckhaert-Liberty Intermediate Division
FPD, Inc.

National High Point Award
Diamond Farrier Company

Reserve National High Point Award

Overall High Point Award
Western States Farriers Association

2-Person Draft Class
Don Gustafson, CJF and Margie Lee-Gustafson, CJF
In Memory of Edward Martin, MBE

Vern Hornquist Memorial Class
Myron McLane, CJF and Walt Taylor, CF

Propane Sponsor
Horseshoe Mart

Overall and Grand Finale Sponsors

Hoof Level
Anvil Brand
Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center
FPD, Inc.
Anvil Level
Nature Farms Farrier Supply
Forge Level
GE Forge and Tool Co.
Horseshoe Level
Life Data Labs, Inc.
Monetta Farrier Specialties
NC Tool, Inc
Hammer Level
3B Farrier Supply / Double Bar One, Inc.
Farrier Industry Association
Hanton Horseshoes
Indian Creek Forge, LLC
Kahn Forge
Palm Beach Farrier Supply
Rasp Level
Auntie Em’s Flyspray
Beth Daniels, AFA Executive Director
Edward Martin Products LLC
Empire Farrier Supply
Harry Patton Horseshoeing Supplies
Horseshoe Mart
I.C. International 2008 SRL
Ken Davis & Sons, Inc.
Montana Farrier Supply
Nordic Forge, Inc
Specialty Sponsors
American Farriers Journal
Anvil Brand
Breeders Farrier Supply
Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center
FPD, Inc.
GE Forge and Tool Co.
Indian Creek Forge
Myron McLane Aprons
Nature Farms Farrier Supply
The Shoein’ Shop – Lee and Charlotte Green
Thomas Trosin, CJF
Walt Taylor, CF

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