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Tester Update (VA)

RSVP by September 21st so we can be sure to have enough horses for everybody.

Virginia Certification (VA)

Host: Virginia Horseshoers Association
Examiners: Vince Vesley, CJF and Phil Bower, CJF
All Levels/Areas Offered

VHA Clinic & Benefit Auction (VA)

Host: Virginia Horseshoers Association

Clinician: Sam Gooding, CJF from the Kentucky Horseshoeing School

Hands-on Hammer Forging Clinics occurring Friday and Sunday cost $400 and pre-registration is required.

Lunch is included, but please RSVP for Saturday. Saturday is a free clinic, including a membership meeting and benefit auction. For the VHA Benefit Auction, which will occur after lunch on Saturday, please bring handmade items or other donations. Also, please bring a chair. You can renew your VHA membership for 2019, which costs $40. Vendors are welcome. For more information, contact Steve Walthall at (703) 851-4373.

Woodside Equine Clinic Podiatry Meeting (VA)

Clinicians: R. Scott Pleasant, DVM, MS, DACVS  and Travis Burns, CJF, TE, EE, FWCF

There will be talks in the morning and an afternoon demonstration and laboratory. Lunch is provided by Poets. Registration is limited to 30 people. For more information or to register, call Woodside Equine Clinic at (804) 798-3281.

World Championship Blacksmiths Contest (VA)

Judge: Brian Nelson, CJF

Virginia Certification (VA)

Host: Virginia Horseshoers Association

Examiner: Phil Bower, CJF

All Levels/Areas Offered

Virginia Certification (VA)

Host: VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine and Virginia Horseshoers Association

Location: Virginia Tech

Examiner: Steve Sermersheim, CJF, TE, AWCF

All Levels/Areas Offered


Fall Clinic (VA)

Hosted by Virginia Horseshoers Association

Clinician: Travis Burns, CJF, TE, EE, FWCF

This two day clinic will focus on Travis’ approach to day to day shoeing using traditional methods and modern materials.

Virginia Certification

Hosted by the Virginia Horseshoers Association

Examiner: Danvers Child, CJF

All Levels/Areas Offered

Hands-On Clinic (VA)

Clinicians: Chris Madrid, CJF and Robert Jukes, CF

This is a two day, hands on clinic focusing on beginner to advanced forging skills and a live shoeing demonstration. Chris and Robert are both members of the World Championship Blacksmiths Team and have competed internationally.

Cost: $375

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