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Derby City Classic (KY)

Hosted by: Derby City Horseshoeing Association

Derby City Classic 1st Leg of the Great Lakes Triple Crown

Judge: Conrad Trow, CJF

Kentucky Certification

Hosted by: Kentucky Horseshoeing School

Examiner: Steve Sermersheim, CJF, TE, AWCF

All Levels & Areas Offered

Pre-Registration ends May 19th

Start time Thursday 12:00PM


Tex Cauthen Memorial Seminar (KY)

Tex Cauthen Memorial Seminar with:

Dr. David Horohov
Doug, Kerry & Steve Cauthen
Hans Albrecht
Steve Simon
Simon Curtis, FWCF
Micahel Savoldi
Dr. Pedro De Pedro
Dr. Thomas Tobin

Plan to Attend this FREE Educational Seminar!
Please RSVP by January 16, 2017
Call 502-513-3058 or email
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Location at Gluck Equine Research Center: The Lecture Theatre, Room 110