american farrier's association

Rumble in the Broncs (ON)

Clinician/Judge: Andrew Reader-Smith, AWCF

Clinic: June 1
Contest: June 2-3

Alberta Certification (AB)

Host: Western Canadian Farriers Association

Examiner: Mark Thorkildson, CJF, AWCF

All Levels (Except CTF)/Areas Offered

Alberta Pre-Certification Clinic (AB)

Host: Western Canadian Farriers Association



Quebec Certification (Canada)

Host: Association des Maréchaux-Ferrants de Québec

Examiner: Steve Morris, CJF

Offered Levels: CF/CJF

Offered Areas: Written/Practical/CF Shoe Display/CJF Bar Shoe

British Columbia Certification (BC-Canada)

Hosted by Western Canadian Farriers Association

Examiner: Pat Gallahan, CJF

All Levels/All Areas Offered

Ontario Certification

Hosted by Ontario Farriers Association

Examiner: Stephen Morris, CJF

All Levels/Areas Offered

Fall Conference & Competition (British Columbia)

2017 WCFA Fall Conference & Competition

Speakers: Travis Koons CJF, & Mitch Taylor CJF AWCF APF

Judge: Travis Koons CJF

Location TBD in Chilliwack, BC Canada

For more information, Click Here.

Ontario PreCertification

Hosted by Ontario Farriers Association

Clinician: Stephen Morris, CJF

Therapeutic Shoeing of the Equine Athlete (Canada)


  • Jean-Marie Denoix


  • “Therapeutic Shoeing of Foot Injuries”
  • “Therapeutic Shoeing of Joint & Ligament Injuries”
  • “Therapeutic Shoeing of Tendon Injuries”
  • “Therapeutic Shoeing of Suspensory Disease”
  • “Therapeutic Shoeing of Podotrachlear Syndrome (Navicular)”
  • “Therapeutic Shoeing of Other Injuries”
  • Discussion of Case Studies


Black-Gold Matchplay Contest (Alberta)

Hosted by Western Canadian Farriers Association

This event it specifically for Division 1 and Division 2 competitors. Each class will be a match play against another competitor. Each winner will be proceeding to the next round. Stations will be provided, please bring your tools and safety glasses. All classes are hot start.

Entry fees:

Division 1 $100
Division 2 $150


Please contact Jason Wrubleski, CJF 780-985-1347 or Greg Toronchuk 780-886-9182 for more information.