american farrier's association

AFA 47th Annual Convention (NV)

Expert Educational Lectures and Programs 

  • National Forging and Horseshoeing Competition
  • Live Shoeing Demos
  • Certification Practical Demos
  • FIA MarketPlace
  • Grand Finale Celebration and Annual Achievement Awards


Texas Certification (TX)

Host: Texas Professional Farriers Assoc

Examiner: Pat Burton, CJF

$175 for AFA Members, $325 for Non AFA Members.

All Levels/Areas Offered

January 19th: Written exams, as well as turning in your shoe boards, should be expected. As you are finishing your written exam, you will be expected to start your bar shoe or fix any modifications from your shoe board.

January 20th: STARTING PROMPTLY AT 8am. Practical exams (the horse), business meeting to follow.

Contact Tony Dawson to reserve a horse by December 15th.

Host Hotel: Super 8 921 South 2nd Street Stephenville, TX 76401 (254) 965-0888

*Ask for TPFA Rate ($58/king, $63/double).

British Columbia Certification (BC-Canada)

Hosted by Western Canadian Farriers Association

Examiner: Pat Gallahan, CJF

All Levels/All Areas Offered

Virginia Certification (VA)

Host: VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine and Virginia Horseshoers Association

Location: Virginia Tech

Examiner: Steve Sermersheim, CJF, TE, AWCF

All Levels/Areas Offered


Utah Certification

Hosted by Utah Horseshoers Guild

Examiner: Steve Sermersheim, CJF, TE, AWCF

All Levels/Areas Offered

Florida Certification

Hosted by Florida State Farriers Association

Examiner: Steve Sermersheim, CJF, TE, AWCF

All Levels/Areas Offered

Ontario Certification

Hosted by Ontario Farriers Association

Examiner: Stephen Morris, CJF

All Levels/Areas Offered

Michigan Certification

Hosted by Michigan Horseshoers Association

Examiner: Stephen Morris, CJF

Levels Offered: CF, CTF & CJF

All Areas Offered

California Certification

Hosted by San Diego County Farriers Association

Examiner: Vince Vesely, CJF

All Levels/Areas Offered

Ohio Certification

Hosted by Mideastern Farriers Association

Examiner: Phil Bower, CJF

All Levels/Areas Offered