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Additional educational resources:

Tools for your business: Click here to review the 2018 Reno convention presentation by Margie Lee-Gustafson, CJF on “The True Cost of Running your Business.” (video and spreadsheet will be available soon)

FootPro Info Series: Kerckhaert Draft Horse Shoes and Shaping TechniquesMike Wildenstein, CJF FWCF (hons) has a step by step discussion of the Kerckhaert 3/8″ and 1/2″ draft horse shoes and works through efficient steps in shaping the shoes. For more information, visit for videos and articles

Educational Websites for Equine Anatomy, Horseshoeing, Disorders of the Hoof:
b. Anatomy of the Equine:
c. Merck Veterinary Manual:
d. Equine Anatomy Software:
Biosphera’s anatomical software allows you to view internal systems of the 3D horse either one by one or in any
combination of systems. The 3D horse can be viewed from any angle and from various zoom levels.

Searchable Databases ( requires paid subscription)
HoofSearch: a service that presents the latest in equine hoof related research covering lameness, anatomy,imaging and related topics. A once monthly email notification alerts subscribers to new documents accessible on the site. Articles may be read online, downloaded, and bookmarked (they are not printable)
This service will substantially reduce the time it takes to locate important research articles and will provide access even on mobile devices. To learn more:

Life Data Labs Educational Series: For the Life Data library of all videos:
Individual Life Data videos:
Hoof Clay –
Compose –
Barn Bag –
Total Hoof Care Farrier’s Formula and Farrier’s Finish –
Introduction to Hoof Cracks by Life Data Labs, Inc –
Breeder’s Formula –

Articles and links to share with horse owners :


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