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Cultural Exchange

Chairman: Vern Powell, CJF       Contact Email:

Mission: To select, organize and supervise an international exchange of farriers between the AFA and participating national farriery associations.

Below is our 2015 short exchange selected applicant, Daniel Crowe, CJF enjoying his time in England!

daniel crowe daniel exchange

There are two types of exchanges possible for applicants. The first is the traditional 3 month exchange, which runs from late June through mid September. The other is the new 2-4 week exchange. This trip is designed to accommodate farriers who are the sole income earner in a family and have financial and family commitments which make the longer time period prohibitive. This trip is available from November through March, with the actual dates being decided by the applicant and the hosting association. It is up to the applicant to decide on the length of the trip between 2 and 4 weeks.

In each of the exchanges, candidates are hosted by a different farrier every week, staying in their homes and experiencing the cultural differences, making great new friends, contacts and learning new skills and tricks.

To apply for either exchange, the first step is to download the application from the AFA website. In addition to the form, candidates are encouraged to submit a formal resume’ and must include at least two letters of recommendation from AFA Certified Journeyman Farriers. Letters from other equine professionals, including veterinarians and farriers are also encouraged as are photographs of a candidate’s work. While Certified Farriers are encouraged to apply and have a solid opportunity for selection, Certified Journeyman Farriers are given priority in the selection process, in part due to the laws of England allowing AFA CJF’s to ride with hosts who are not designated as “training farriers.”

The deadline for the application for the 3-month exchange is January 1st of the year applying for. The deadline for the short exchange is July 15th of the year.

And shown here, Sara Vanderpol, CJF and 2015 AFA long exchange applicant:

Sara Vanderpol1

Cultural Exchange Alumni

2015 – Sara Vanderpol, CJF (long exchange) & Daniel Crowe, CJF (short exchange)

2014 – Victor Frisco, CJF (long exchange) & Alan Dryg, CJF (short exchange)
2013 – Jeremy Scudder, CJF & A.J. Mastalerz-Dole, CJF
2012- Georgia Barry, CF & Zachary Hickle, CF (short exchange) & Nichole Smith, CJF (short exchange)
2011- Dan Corkery, CJF & Justin Fry, CJF (short exchange) & Jacob Manning, CJF (short exchange)
2010- Scott Inmon, CJF & Jennifer Horn, CJF (short exchange) & Rusty Wells, CF (short exchange)
2009- Josh Ramsey, CJF & Chuck Jones, CJF
2008- Bryan Osborne, CJF & Matt Lybeck, CJF
2007- Robert Whitt, CJF & Shawn Winters, CF
2006- Vern Powell, CJF
2005- no applicants
2004- John Stedelin, CJF
2003- Jerry Plank, CJF & Phil Horan, CJF
2002- Todd Walker, CJF & Craig McMillen, CJF
2001- suspended (hoof and mouth)
2000- suspended (hoof and mouth)
1999- Austin Edens, CJF & Vince Vesely, CJF
1998- Andrew Carruthers, CJF & Mike Augenstein, CJF (Australia)
1997- Shaun Woodsum, CJF & Cody Lyon, CJF (deceased)
1996- Billy Reed, CJF(Australia) & Daniel Walker
1995- Bill Poor, CJF & Denis Lee, CJF
1994- Geoffrey Goodson, CJF
1993- Michael Hutter, IC & Mark Johnson, CJF
1992- Keith Lankister & Stephen Stone, CJF
1991- Ken Bark, CF & Todd Howes, CF
1990- Dave Maney, CF & Mark Terry, CF
1989- Steven Muir,CJF & Bill Nelson, CJF
1988- Stewart Phelan, CF & Peter Drake, CF
1987- Dianne Lemmon, CJF & Gerry Kuntz, CF
1986-Hank Garbouchian & Bill Miller, CJF
1985-Stewart Mcaulay, CF & Ed Zook, CJF
1984-Mark Hensler & Kevin Hail
1982- Don Gustafson, CJF & Dave Marvil, CJF