american farrier's association

Overland Park, KS Achievement Award Winners

At the 1987 AFA Convention banquet in Raleigh, NC, members honored Paul Hulsman of California for his outstanding contributions to the industry.

Beginning the following year, in 1988, the AFA opened the awards program full-scale, soliciting votes from the general membership, asking members to recognize their peers who have made outstanding contributions to our industry.

Presented each year at the Annual Banquet, these awards signal the end of convention, yet they remind us of the strength of our industry and the commitment that comes from our volunteer base as we set standards for the farrier profession.

2015 Achievement Award Winners
Certified Farrier Written High Score – Cody Black
Certified Farrier Practical High Score – Paul Papadatos, CF
Certified Tradesman Farrier Written High Score – Shannon Gibson, CTF
Certified Tradesman Farrier Practical High Score – Rebecca McCreesh, CTF
Certified Journeyman Farrier Written High Score – Chad Holmes, CJF
Certified Journeyman Farrier Practical High Score – Timothy Bolduc, CF

Alan Smith Award For Excellence in Administration:  In recognition of outstanding ability to organize and implement farrier functions.

2015 Recipient:  Greg Burdette, CJF

Jim Linzy Outstanding Clinician Award:  In recognition of exceptional abilities exhibited while conducting farrier clinics.

2015 Recipient:  Robbie Hunziker, CJF & Steve Sermersheim, CJF, TE, AWCF


J. Scott Simpson Outstanding Educator Award:  In recognition of outstanding service and dedication to the field of farrier education.

2015 Recipient:  Bucky Hatfield, CJF

Edward Martin Humanitarian Award:  In sincere appreciation for an active effort to promote goodwill in the farrier profession.

2015 Recipient:  Hank Chisholm, CJF

Journalism Award:  For meritorious service in collecting, editing, and presenting information of interest to  farriers.

2015 Recipient:  Thomas N. Trosin, CF

Walt Taylor Award:  In recognition of unlimited service, distinguished contributions, and unselfish devotion to the farrier industry.

2015 Recipient:  Ken Lyon, CJF

Sharon Walker Memorial Chapter Newsletter Award:  To the best newsletter from an AFA Chapter or recognized group.

2015 Recipient:  Western States Farriers Association – Claire Edwards-Kliminski

General Interest Article Award:  Articles, short stories, editorials, etc about anything AFA related.

2015 Recipient:  Steve Eastman, CF

Technical Writing Award:  Writing involving the shoeing of a horse or treatment of ailments of the equine hoof.

2015 Recipient:  Jeremiah Harris, CJF, TE, AWCF

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