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Pre Certification Clinics


 The following program was developed to more accurately prepare candidates for the Certification program. It is broken down into 9 terminal objectives and supported by 16 enabling objectives. Each topic covers an enabling objective. The entire course was designed to take a candidate from introduction to the certification process to completion of the CJF exam. However, any chapter can schedule a single topic, in any order, based on the current needs of their members. Each topic is allotted a time to complete based on a 1-5 trainer candidate ratio and lists all materials that the host chapter will need to provide for the lesson. This format allows host chapters to tailor focused instruction for each of their candidates. Understanding that each chapter has different needs when it comes to preparing their members for Certification, this program was designed to address the individual needs of the chapter. Host chapters are encouraged to poll their members on their pre- certification needs, and then schedule accordingly. When host chapters schedule a Pre Certification, each day will be limited to 8 hours of instruction time.
To schedule a Pre-Certification clinic please contact the Pre-Certification Committee Chairman, Hank Chisholm, at

For a list of Lesson Topics click on the Lesson Topics tab to the right of the Pre Certification tab




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