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No Foot, No Horse Newsletter Archive

  1. March-April 2016 – Annual Convention Wrap-Up

2. May-June, 2016 – Edward Martin Cultural Exchange; Becoming a Tester; My Journey to the Journeyman

3. July-August, 2016 – Step Outside your Comfort Zone; Become a Craftsman; Uniform Sole Thickness;
Shoeing for Animation and Motion

4. September-October 2016 – Horse Protection Act Update; 2017 Convention Overview and Competition Shoe List;
An Update on Sponsorship

5. November-December 2016 – Chapter event reporting from Vt Farriers, TPFA, Colorado, Virginia, Final leg of SE Triple Crown. Results from Stoneleigh International. First Bruce Daniels Scholarship recipient and much more!

6. January-February 2017 – Purina Regional clinics; Life Data article on Winter Horse Care; 2016 Certification results and a ton of event wrap-ups

7. 2017 Special Convention Wrap-Up Issue – Photos, Reports on the lecture series, Contest results and photos,
the MarketPlace, Hands-On and Demonstrations, thank you to our sponsors and volunteers

8. April – May 2017  –  This issue is packed with 28 pages of event reporting, case reports by Wayne Baesemann, CF and Rich Bumpus, CJF the calendar, and more..

9. June-July 2017 –  Great event wrap-ups, articles on Sulfur and Hooves; Up Down Doesn’t Need to Get You Down by Martin Kenny, CJF, APF; Certification News; Business Strategy for Professional Farriers

10. August-September 2017 – 10 event wrap-ups; list of newly certified farriers between January-June 2017; cultural exchange report by Andrew DeVisser, CJF; the annual Northern California Classic and 4 reports from certification test sites

11. October-November 2017: Pre-Cert 101; Radiographs for the Farrier by Dr.Stephen O’Grady; Turning a Daydream into a Novel; 2018 annual convention speaker highlight: Simon Curtis, Phd, FWCF, Hon Assoc RCVS; Making a Soundhorse Series1 Shoe into a Heartbar by Travis Burns, CJF, TE, EE, FWCF

12. December 2017-January 2018: Certification: A Tactical Practical, by Rich Bumpus, CJF; The Tiny Shop in the Hollow, by Martin Kenny, CJF, APF; Using Modern Farriery Materials to Manage Dorsal Hoof Wall Fractures by Travis Burns, CJF, TE, EE, FWCF; NCHA Contest and Eastern Farriers Conference and Danny Ward’s 40th; 10th Annual Edward Martin Draft Horse Shoeing Competition and Clinic

13. February-March 2018: New Bruce Daniels Scholarships Awarded; Morphological Variations in Equine Hoof Balance Metrics by Dr. Mark Caldwell; Navicular Syndrome, Caudal Heel Pain or just plain BOFH(Back of Foot Hurts) by Doug Russo, CJF, AWCF and Alex Gillen, VetMB, MA, DACVS-LA; Third Annual Great Lakes Derby Triple Crown Results

14. April-May 2018: 2018 Convention Wrap-Up; Awards Recipients; Article about the 2017 American Farriers Team by member Andrew Wells, CJF; In Their Parents’ Footsteps: Children of Farriers at the Anvil by Rachael Kane, CJF; The Importance of Farrier Research by AFA Equine Research Committee Chairman, Doug Russo, CJF, AWCF

15. June – July 2018: Basic Hoof Preparation; “Duo Ellipse” Shoe; Preventing Sole Bruising; Craeting a Push-Style Hoof Gouge; Membership Benefits Highlighted

16. August-Sept. 2018: Tool Maintenance with Nigel Brown, AWCF; SoundHorse Technologies Series III; The Importance of Women Farriers

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