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No April Fools Here!

In a recent conversation with our new President, Donnie Perkinson CJF, he raved about the joint clinic and contest held last week-end by Iowa Professional Farriers Association/ Iowa State University/ and the local Iowa Chapter of AAEP. We posted a number of photos of this event on our Facebook page, as well. What Donnie especially enjoyed was the way in which farriers and veterinarians came together to learn, compete, and share their knowledge and experiences in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

That discussion with Donnie prompted a look at the calendar of events for the next 90 days and the results were rather stunning, to say the least. In April alone we have 32 events listed ( and that is definitely not a joke!) These events range from Tester Standardizations to live shoeing demos, hands-on tool maintenance clinics, to biomechanics and leg dissections. There are contests, nutrition lectures, and Certifications. And there are 16 events in May and 8 in June already.

To say that education in the farrier industry is alive and well would be an understatement. It is alive and obviously thriving. Whether one is learning through the judges’ feedback at a contest, or by sitting in a lecture or working at a hands-on station, the participants cannot help but come away with more knowledge to better serve clients. There is no better time than the present to get on board and commit some time to continuing your education. The opportunities are there and in many cases they are free. As that iconic Nike ad stated: “you’ll never know unless you go….”  To see our current calendar

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