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Equine Research


In 1988, the American Farrier’s Association™ established a research foundation to seek out and financially support research projects that contribute to the scientific body of knowledge about the foot, lameness, and locomotion.  Through annual grants and the generous individual support of members and the horse-owning public, the AFA continues to fund new research.

The growth of interest in the equine hoof allows the AFA to partner with other associations and contribute to studies of interest to the farrier industry. We always strive to carry the burden of cost as it relates to hoof care during a study. Research gives us the opportunity to work with veterinary medicine and other equine associations to discover new treatments for our equine companions.

Charitable contributions from the farriers of the AFA allowed the organization to support studies like the one at Ohio State University, “Targeting the Relevant Genes Involved in Cushing’s Syndrome”. The ability of the AFA to partner with other organizations in a foundation like the Morris Animal Foundation is only made possible through membership support.

Supporting researchers is just one more way the AFA is giving farriers in the industry an opportunity to be a care giving organization. After all, the foot is all about giving support. May we always keep our best foot forward! Please consider the AFA Research Foundation when you are offering condolences to a client or friend. Your support is helping farriers help others.

To learn more about Equine Research please contact the committee Chairman, Doug Russo, CJF at

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