american farrier's association


Achievement Committee

Mission:  To publicly recognize special efforts by, for, and on behalf of farriers in various areas of activity
Chairman: Tim Koelln, CJF

Bylaws Committee

Mission: To assist the Association in implementation of, and prudent revisions to, an effective set of rules to govern the AFA
Chairman: Tom Trosin, CJF

Certification Committee

Mission: Conduct AFA Certification examinations
Chairman: Craig Stark, CJF

Communications Committee

Mission: To review the publications of the AFA for content and consistent message in promoting the Association
Chairman: Margie Lee-Gustafson, CJF


Convention Coordinating Committee

Mission: Plan and organize the AFA Annual Convention. Preview site selections and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for future convention sites
Chairman: Jon Johnson, CJF

Cultural Exchange Committee

Mission: To select, organize and supervise an international exchange of farriers between the AFA and participating national farriery associations
Chairman: Vern Powell, CJF

Education Committee

Mission: To develop and implement procedures, study materials and other training programs, and to aid members and potential members in preparation for AFA certification examinations. The committee will similarly work to educate veterinarians, veterinary students, and horse owners, to identify and understand correct farrier principles.
Chairman: Travis Burns, CJF, TE, EE, FWCF

Executive Committee

Mission: Responsible for the overall operation of the AFA by working with the AFA office staff and reporting to the AFA Board of Directors.

  • President – Donnie Perkinson, CJF, DipWCF
  • President-Elect – Michael S. DeLeonardo, CJF
  • Vice President – Bruce Worman, CJF
  • Immediate Past President – Jon Johnson, CJF
  • Treasurer – Eric Gilleland, CJF
  • Secretary – Lori McBride, CJF
  • Executive Director: Beth Daniels

Equine Research Committee

Mission: To encourage and develop research which specifically benefits the farrier
Chairman: Doug Russo, CJF, AWCF

Finance Committee

Mission: Advise the executive committee on policies of maintenance, intent and distribution of all funds
Chairman: Eric Gilleland, CJF

Horse Owner Education Committee

Mission: To develop a program and materials to educate horse owners so that they may recognize and appreciate quality shoeing and hoof care
Chairman: Brian Byrd, CJF

Member Services/Membership Committee

Mission: To develop and enhance the membership benefits and services provided by various vendors through the AFA to its members and to ensure the enrollment of and maintain all hoofcare professionals as regular members and veterinarians, farrier industry professionals, and other supporting partied as associate members
Chairman:  Steve Eastman, CF

Nominations and Elections Committee

Mission: Organize and oversee the administration of AFA elections
Chairman: Don Gustafson, CJF

Pre-Certification Education Committee

Mission: To prepare farriers for success in Certification testing
Chairman: Ken Lyon, CJF

Public Relations/Marketing & Advertising Committee

Mission: To develop and implement a marketing strategy to promote the mission and objectives of the AFA to farriers, horse owners, veterinarians, and the general public
Chairman: Tim Dodd, CJF

Rules Committee

Mission: To make recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the establishment and modification of competition rules and can be directly responsible for the planning and management of the AFA National Forging and Horseshoeing Competition
Chairman: Justin Fry, CJF

Sponsorship Committee

Mission: To cultivate financial support for ongoing programs of the Association and for annual convention
Chairman: Tom Saunders, CJF