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2017 Speakers , Demonstrators, and Contest Judges

We have a great roster of speakers, demonstrators, and judges this year – a mix of new and familiar faces with a wide range of expertise. Arlington promises to be THE place to be to learn from and meet with some of the best professionals in the industry. Mark your calendars today….. March 7-10, 2017.

2017 Speakers & Demonstrators

Diego Almeida, CJF  – An Overview of Sensory Receptors in the Equine Foot
Danny Anderson, CJF – Demo: Hoof Knife Sharpening and Blade Maintenance
Sarah-Mary Brown, FWCF -2017 Jim Linzy Memorial Speaker- The Importance of Continuing Professional Development
Charlie Buchanan, DVM – Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Navicular Syndrome
Travis Burns, CJF, TE, EE, FWCF – Therapeutic Demo
Derrick Cooke, CJF – Effective New Treatment for Acute Laminitis
Dusty Franklin, CJF, DipWCF, ASF- Demo: Know what the Judges Know: An Interactive Forging Demo
Doug Hogue, CJF – Equine A & P “Barney style” with a focus on Biomechanics
David M. Hood, DVM, PhD, APF – Foot Biomechanics
Todd Meister, VMD, CJF – Sheoing the Horse with an Emphasis on Looking above the Hoof:Identifying Correct Posture and Exaining why it is Important
Scott Pleasant, DVM, MS, Diplomate, ACVS – Current Concepts in the Pathophysiology of Laminitis
Kathleen Poor, CJF and Jim Poor, CJF – Demo: Forging Tongs
Glenn Spradling, CJF, APF – Cause and Effect of Slider Modifications
Mark Thorkildson, CJF, AWCF- Demo: Making Hoof Knives from Raw Material to the Finished Product
Harry D. Trosin- Stress and Burnout: There is a Difference
Matt Wimer, DVM, CJF – Shoeing Principles with Anatomical Function in Mind

2017 National Forging and Horseshoeing Competition Judges

2017 CVT Judge Austin Edens

Austin Edens, CJF (Judge)

                                                       Open Division

Dusty Franklin, CJF, DipWCF, ASF

Dusty Franklin, CJF, DipWCF, ASF -Judge and Demonstrator

Sarah-Mary Beane, FWCF, Judge and 2017 Jim Linzy Memorial Speaker

Sarah-Mary Brown, FWCF, Judge and 2017 Jim Linzy Memorial Speaker

Sarah-Mary Brown, FWCF
Austin Edens, CJF
Dusty Franklin, CJF, DipWCF, ASF

Intermediate Division
2016 American Farriers Team
Tim McPhee, CJF; Jeremy Scudder, CJF; Bodie Trnka, CJF; Craig Trnka, CJF;
Chad Chance, CJF