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New Reference Book in Our Online Store


We are in the process of building inventory in our online store
together with useful references in our website ToolBox. We recently
added the book : Building the Equine Hoof by David. M. Hood, DVM, Ph.D.
and Connie Larson, Ph.D. and we highly recommend it for farriers and their
clients. It is an excellent tool to carry  in your rig for reference when you are
answering a client’s questions. At only $20.00, it also makes a great gift.

The book is divided into five sections: Hoof Care, Anatomy and Architecture,
Construction of the Hoof, Nutrition and Disorders and Diseases and contains
excellent supportive color photos and clear explanatory drawings and diagrams.

Dr. Hood is an internationally recognized expert in equine podiatry and founder of
the  Hoof Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Clinic in eastern Texas. He was a long-time
associate professor at...

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