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SX-7 and Liberty Cu Nails Complement a Nice Shoeing Job

The hind foot on this barrel racing horse is being shod by Bobby Menker, APF CJF. Bobby used Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory’s Ranger Lite Rim shoes up front and is using SX-7 unclipped behind. He forged a slight lateral extension modification on the hind shoes to provide some extra support. His choice for nails are the Liberty Cu 5 Slim nails with Copper Shield Technology that have been growing in popularity in the US and Canada. You can see from the nail line that Bobby’s fit, the precise punching of the SX-7 shoes and the consistent driving features of the Cu nails combine for a nice result. Bobby is always meticulous in his work and it shows in this clip and the trim video posted earlier. Find more info on these products and more at, outside of North America, visit

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AFA Committees -Busier than Ever!

Executive Director's Report

Since the AFA maintains a July-June fiscal year, this is the time of year for those of us in leadership roles to review, reflect, and consider options moving forward. I would like to take this opportunity to informally salute the amazing work of our committees over the past year.

Everyone likes receiving awards, and Tim Koelln and his
committee members deserve one for their work on the
Achievement Awards committee this past year. They started
the year off right with the idea to design an online nominations
form to make it faster and easier for members to nominate
deserving volunteers. And it worked really, really well.

Tom Trosin chairs the AFA By-Laws Committee which is
responsible for the serious topics of policy and, yes, by-laws.
That may seem boring compared with the work of some

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