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Trimming and Shoeing a Barrel Horse Using the Diamond Tracker by Kerckhaert, Part 1

In part one of “Trimming and Sheoing a Barrel Horse,” Booby Menker, APF,CJF trims the hind hoof of a barrel horse.
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Clinics, Contests, Hammer-Ins - A Full Spring Calendar

(March 16, 2018)  The wrap-up surrounding a super convention in Reno continues- check out these
great videos  and the push towards spring and better weather energizes us. Looking at the calendar of Certifications, Pre-Certifications and other events there are currently 14 Certifications listed, 3 Pre-Certifications, 21 Contests, and a whopping 36 clinics and hammer-ins between now and June.  It's time to get out your calendars and make your plans!




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